Harley-Davidson Tradeshow Booth Guidelines, 2018

In early 2018, Identity collaborated with Harley-Davidson to create their Tradeshow Booth Manual, a series of brand guidelines. Due to the large volume of shows and exhibitions that the Harley-Davidson brand attends, the guidelines are a necessity in which to provide the various markets with guidance, clarity and reassurance that they are each representing the brand in the correct way; ensuring the brand values and visual identity are globally consistent.

Leveraging our vast design, build and branding experience allowed us to pull together the wide array of contents included in the finished guidelines which feature information on materials (including budget solutions), how to use props, the correct use of logos, how to increase stand engagement and drive lead generation. The entirety of the project lasted almost a year (from pitch to print) and will provide great longevity in serving the brand with effective rules and guidelines to help regulate their booth designs and maintain brand consistency.

The document has been shared and reviewed by the senior Harley-Davidson team and has received nothing but positive feedback.