The 2019 FIDI Conference Amsterdam

FIDI is the global alliance of professional international moving and relocation companies and each year hosts a conference which rotates city and continent on an annual basis. The 2019 FIDI Conference took place in Amsterdam and the company wanted to improve its digital footprint to enrich the attendee experience.

In addition to providing the entirety of branding and majority of printed materials for the event, Identity delivered the digital assets. Two main requests within the digital brief were to increase attendee engagement while improving logistics management, which were met with the development of a conference website, online delegate registration system, conference app and bespoke API.

The website provided delegates with a dedicated platform to access all data related to the conference alongside a registration portal. The conference app allowed attendees to set a personalised agenda and arrange meetings with fellow delegates, while also updating important conference information throughout the duration of the event.

All elements (physical and digital) of the conference collateral were emblazoned with the bespoke 2019 FIDI Conference branding. As the conference design and artwork were delivered in full by Identity, continuity was guaranteed which ensured consistency and delivery of an exacting standard.

The 2020 FIDI Conference will take place in Osaka, Japan and Identity has already began work on the branding for this next event.

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