Eurotunnel Kids Zone Activation, 2019

Longstanding clients of Identity, Eurotunnel, wanted a unique and children-friendly activation for its Kids Zone in Summer 2019.

The initial idea was to provide children with an interactive and engaging activation which could be used during the time between train departures.

After some creative discussions, it was decided life-sized versions of popular children’s board games would provide the ideal entertainment.

Each game occupied half of the total 48m² (8x6m) area and the activation took two weeks to deliver, from initial designs to completed build.

The games included a combination of rich graphics and interactive elements, with the character guessing game featuring a total of 48 interactive tiles.

Identity produced and installed each element of the activation.

ClientEurotunnel Le ShuttleEventKids Zone ActivationIndustryTravelLocationFolkestone, Kent