Identity's sustainability promise

Identity’s sustainability promise

Our mission

Identity is a full-service creative production agency with over 20 years of proven pedigree in the delivery of major, high-profile events in the UK and globally. Our demonstrable track record means we understand the reach and impact a major event can have, and our philosophy is to maximise these opportunities, creating truly memorable, dynamic and ground-breaking experiences that deliver tangible, positive outcomes, forming a benchmark for future events.

Whilst we aim to maximise the positive impacts of our events, we’re keenly aware that, as an industry that focuses on bringing audiences together for moments in time, our impact on the planet can be a negative one through the generation of carbon emissions. However, this is hard to quantify. The events industry is, by nature, transient and varied. There has not been substantial research undertaken into the carbon emissions generated by events.

The events industry has been on a sustainability journey over the last decade, but we haven’t achieved enough. We must fundamentally alter the way in which we approach the design and execution of experiences to radically minimise our carbon footprint.

As an industry, we need to collaborate to develop new methods and technologies, share learnings and implement solutions. Crucially, we need to measure our emissions effectively to ensure that the carbon cost of our designs is as important in our decision-making process as financial cost.

At Identity, we have made strides over the last three years in innovating in this area, and we are now ready to take the next ambitious step of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

As a leader in the industry, we believe that we have the responsibility to drive positive change through innovating with low-carbon design to create a more sustainable future for ourselves, our clients and our partners. It’s time for all of us to start making a difference together.