Why is it so important to challenge boundaries and strive to succeed especially as a young female in the events industry?

Digital Coordinator, Lauren Beckley is on Identify talking to Michael Gietzen about why she challenged herself during a global pandemic moving to the events industry.

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MG: Hello and welcome to Identify the news, views and insights from within the events industry. In the week building up to international women’s day what better than being joined by Lauren Beckley, our Digital Coordinator at Identity, and also the brains behind Identify itself. So this year’s theme is choose to challenge and I thought, Lauren, what better than you talking about the time that you chose to challenge and make that move from the health and hygiene sector into the world of events during a pandemic nonetheless. So what was it like making a career change for you?

LB: I mean, it was slightly terrifying. I had a lot of comments from friends and family members saying I was potentially a little bit stupid taking such a big risk, moving towards a, um, an industry with such uncertainty and quite a lot of people being made redundant and unfortunately losing their jobs as a result of the pandemic but it was a, it was a, it was a challenge, certainly a challenge, but definitely one that’s been the right step and I’m glad I did take the leap because it’s been so rewarding. Um, even though it’s such a daunting time and a daunting, daunting process. So yeah, it, it was certainly, uh, certainly a challenging time.

MG: Well done for showing such bravery. And I think for me, you’ve moved into the events industry. So what, what are the elements from the events industry you enjoy the most?

LB: The teamwork is it’s amazing being part of such a dynamic and talented team and the projects going from initial proposal through to delivery, whether it’s live events, hybrid events, uh, in, in the absence of live events right now and how inspiring it is to see the team who have pivoted so quickly and seamlessly as well. Um, it’s just been, it’s been, it is inspiring to see so many strong individuals across the board. So, yeah, that’s, that’s my favourite thing about, about the team. If you didn’t have an appreciation for deadlines, you, uh, you do now, um, one of the questions I meant to ask as well was, so if you’re speaking to a young female, that’s thinking about making a career change, kind of, what advice would you give them doing that?

[00:02:28] Do it, if anybody tries to shut you down, question why they’re trying to stop you, um, and what their motivation behind that is, um, how, if you stick to it and if you put your mind to it, you will succeed. Um, and you can do anything you put your mind to.

MG: You’ve only been in the events for a short time, what would, um, what would be the one thing that you’d kind of change?

LB: Um, I think the main noticeable change that I’d probably make is more, more women founding the bigger companies. So it’s, it’s obviously great to have these companies that have been created, but there’s quite a noticeable gap where you don’t have the females heading up the companies. Although there are a lot of managers that are involved in events. It kind of, there’s a kind of a gap right now from companies headed up and created by females. So that would be inspiring to see that challenge coming across the industry.

MG: I couldn’t agree more. We’re very proud to have female representation on our board and yeah, it’d be amazing to see so much more. So as a bright, young, ambitious female yourself, if you could give one bit of advice to a fellow young female, what would it be?

LB: Don’t take no for an answer. Um, anyone that has been determined or know that when you’re, they often do it for their own, their own benefit, rather than actually with good intentions for you.

So if someone tells you no – question it, if they’re telling you no learn from it and basically don’t take no for an answer, unless, unless there’s a valid reason for it.

MG: As in the theme of international women’s day, choose to challenge. And I guess that’s a great bit of advice is to continue to do that. And I see in all of our ambitious, uh, teammates that we have at identity is those that do indeed choose to challenge are the ones that succeed the most and, and stay strong to your opinion.

Anyway on behalf of everybody on this gloomy day. Thank you for shining a light on this topic and thank you for coming and joining our industry. Um, if you are interested in also making a transition to the events industry, we have several roles available on the identity website. If you go to www.Identitygroup.co.uk/careers, then you can see what we have available.

Thanks very much Lauren for joining me, thanks for listening everyone. Bye-bye.