A great place to work

A great place to work

How ambitious are you?

We’re always looking for team players with ambition as big as ours. If you’re ready for the next challenge and we sound like your kind of people, then you could become one of ours.

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The Identity Culture

Identity is a dynamic and energetic company with a core set of values that underpin all of our work. These values have been developed with our team and we review them annually to ensure they accurately represent who and what we are as a business. In every project, we take these core values and integrate them with the values, vision and mission of our clients.

Human and authentic experience

We are dynamic and put human experience at the heart of everything we do. We reimagine, rewrite and redefine how we bring people together, creating authentic, immersive and truly remarkable experiences and shared moments, driven by emotions, needs and relationships.

Collaborative and unified team

We have a ‘one team’ mindset and great things happen when we work together. Our award-winning, incredibly capable team is second-to-none and led by some of the industry’s greatest talents. We are internationally recognised for our creative excellence and quality execution.

Inclusive and accessible without compromise

We respect each other, celebrate our diversity and deliver social value through our work, supporting the local communities and workforces in the areas where we work. Each year, our team selects our company’s chosen charity and our dedicated charity committee organises all fundraising activities.

Proud with integrity

We are transparent, honest and act with the highest levels of integrity. Proudly independent and pioneering a fresh approach to events, we won’t accept anything other than excellence and we are passionate about attention to detail with a focus on world-class delivery.

Bold and determined

We are not afraid to push boundaries and take calculated risks when prudent to do so. Driven by a culture that underpins our work ethic, we take great pride in our ability to adapt to change, the strategical know-how to understand why and the creative nuance to deliver remarkable experiences.

Dedication, development and successes

We are proud of the Identity team and reward continuing hard work, success and dedication through Perkbox. Employee satisfaction and recognition feeds into the Identity culture to deliver incredible human experiences.

Why working with us is great

Identity is an experienced events agency with a 20+ year track record of delivering high profile global events. We are a dynamic, energetic company and put human experience at the heart of everything we do.

Pay & Pension Scheme

Providing a remuneration package above industry average that rewards the best and hardest working talent.


We offer a generous benefits package focused on your financial, physical and mental wellbeing. We’ve also partnered with Perkz to offer lifestyle-focused savings and discounts.

Personal Development

Surround yourself with industry leaders and incredibly experienced individuals who will develop you.

Health & Community

From fresh fruit in the office every day to fitness clubs or staff yoga, maintain your wellbeing at Identity.

Experience Technology

Pioneers of human experience and adopting the latest trends means you work on cutting-edge projects.

Location & World Travel

Located less than 5-minute walk from a mainline train station, you can reach our HQ and through our projects travel the world.

Our TRACC values




Essential to the high performance of any member of a team, Identity values the importance of mental and physical wellbeing. We provide a strong network of support and ensure we create an environment that conditions your mind and body.



The Identity team is professional but personable; we’re a fun group to be around, celebrating our successes together. We have a dedicated social team and provide the financial support to organise and run regular events, from Friday drinks in the office (or on Zoom) and summer parties, to ten pin bowling and wine tasting.

Family Time

Family Time

Working in a highly demanding industry with frequent travel and days on site, it is essential as a considerate employer you have time for your family. Family time is monitored and time off is ringfenced for all staff to ensure that this quality time is not overlooked and missed.



Proud of our office locations, our team regularly get involved in local events and support in voluntary activities. Each year, our team selects our company’s chosen charity and our dedicated charity committee organises all fundraising activities – why not ask how to get involved?