Production Manager

Stefan joined Identity in 2014 to take on the role of Production Manager. His extensive experience in project and production management means that brings a range of transferable skills to this position which is critical to the smooth running of the company.

Initially, Stefan pursued the career of a stage designer. After working at the Cologne Opera House for a year he returned to education and completed a five year course in software engineering at the University Of Magdeburg, Germany. Graduating as an engineer for Computational Visualisation, Stefan worked in variety of jobs such as line-producer and film-editor before he discovered his passion for the technical side of film-making. As a postproduction supervisor, he was responsible for more than 30 feature films and numerous smaller projects. Later, he moved on to an administrative role at CinePostproduction, Germany’s oldest and largest provider for postproduction services and visual effects.

Combining the skills that Stefan has learned over the years he has built upon his experience of graphics production and managing multiple teams to lead our production department with his trademark efficiency and attention to detail. He is an expert at getting the very best out of everyone, whatever their specific skillset.

Telephone: +44 (0)1323 469111