Augmented Reality

Augmented reality diverges from virtual reality by mixing a digitalised world with a real environment. AR often manipulates the user's appearance or surroundings via their smartphone’s camera, filling the screen with a fun and interactive image or video. Augmented reality is a fantastic way of mixing an alternative world with the real, provoking a unique and personal response from audiences, wherever they may be during your marketing campaign.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has become a regular sight now at exhibition and roadshow stands, instantly transporting visitors to another world. VR is a highly effective way of promoting your brand message, placing your audience right in the middle. There is a plethora of ways you can entertain people with VR, including gamification, a demo of your products or guiding them through your company backstory – and as the headsets popularise in the domestic setting, the possibilities are set to grow.


Gamification is the concept of introducing game mechanics and game design into non-game contexts. The implementation of gameplay within live events automatically creates a more immersive and engaging environment, generating a fun, often educational interaction with your brand. This typically leaves a longer lasting impression and can potentially bring a real USP to your stand.


Utilising incentives at your next event can create a win-win situation. Whether this comes in the form of demos, discounts, free merchandise, competitions or giveaways, offering to exchange an incentive for visitor data will not only drive footfall to your stand, but also creates sales openings for your team.

Interactive Tech

Interactive technology using devices such as iPads are fairly standard at most events, but you can do so much more. Screens, kiosks and tables in a huge range of sizes coupled with fun, engaging content can be utilised to dramatically improve the visitor experience, driving footfall, engagement and leads.