Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that is focused on the creation and distribution of relevant, consistent and valuable content to target, attract and retain a clearly-defined audience, looking to drive profitable customer activity. As they like to say: content is king. But the reality is good content is king. At Identity we can assist you with all of your content marketing needs, including blogging, email newsletters, imagery, video, infographics and lead magnets.


When it comes to digital, search is still the primary driver of website traffic and enquiries for the majority of businesses. We specialise in both search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid search campaigns (Google AdWords) and can help you drive relevant, targeted traffic to your business. We can also advise on the optimisation of landing pages, manage budgets and spend, help plan KPIs and work to ensure a greater overall return on investment.


Social media provides a wealth of opportunities for businesses looking to generate leads, build customer loyalty and drive sales. At Identity we offer both social media management, (setup and design, content planning, posting, customer support, reporting and analytics) and social media marketing (growing large audiences and promoting content using pay per click, plus lead generation, re-targeting and campaign strategy) as a single core service, as both depend wholly on the other for success. Brands can no longer rely on organic reach and word-of-mouth. Implementing a social media marketing cost per click strategy more than levels the playing field – it gives you a distinct competitive advantage.

Events Marketing

Maximise the return on investment at your event before, during and after the show with our suite of events marketing services, including prospecting and retargeting, social media, email, registration management, landing page optimisation, lead generation, analysis, reporting and more.

Conference Management

We can look after all aspects of your digital marketing needs doing your conference, including social media management, hashtag support, Twitter/social wall implementation (setup, installation and moderation), delegate engagement, pay per click support, imagery and video delivery.