Our Approach

Creativity forms the backbone of everything we do at Identity - inventing creative solutions to even the most random of tasks is what makes us special. From the planning stage through to the final design or construction, our collective skills and teamwork allow us to produce effective, original work that exceeds expectations. Graphic design, video, illustration, typography, web design, conceptual design, 3D modelling, and CAD drawings form the broad spectrum of services that we deliver, and all contribute to a comprehensive under-one-roof solution. Whether it be a large format graphic, a brochure or bespoke digital animation, the end result will be designed with care and appreciation of its destination and audience.

Your Design Team

Great design is achieved with a combination of creative flair, ‘out of the box’ thinking, problem solving, attention to detail and a passion for creating. It comes from immersing yourself in a project and providing a design solution that meets the brief. Identity is home to a strong pool of exceptional creatives with bucketloads of experience in agency and in-house design, all of whom bring something different to the mix. From the Head of Design and Creative Directors to the 3D rendering team and artworkers, every individual has passion, flair and a tireless energy to do the best creative work that they can. The collective skill set of the team means that no matter how big or small the project, it will be given the thought, dedication and application it deserves.


Branding is what makes your company unique. It’s far beyond a logo or a typeface, it’s about knowing your audience and making sure the impression you leave with them is exactly what you anticipated. Your branding sets your company apart from competitors, forms the look, tone and feel of every interaction you have with your customers and makes it unique. The design studio is a lynchpin in most of Identity’s branding projects. Whether it be helping to refine a re-brand, creating assets to enhance an existing brand, or to help create one from scratch, our design team is experienced with all aspects of brand development. Pair this with excellent design and communication skills and the results will speak for themselves.

3D & Conceptual Design

Our team of 3D and conceptual designers approach each project with a knowledge of how to produce award-winning results irrespective of budget or time restraints on a project. The team combines experienced, technically-minded individuals with exciting new talent. With each bringing a unique style and approach to a problem, the outcome is highly creative work pulling on the strength of different skill sets. We can create loose illustrative concepts, hinting at ideas and solutions, to comprehensive 3D renders with huge amounts of detail and a life-like production. We’ll produce visuals according to your budget and requirements, but always to an excellent standard.


Bespoke illustration can turn great design into an original, unique piece of engaging creative. Different illustrative styles can be used to enhance a project – a hand-drawn look for an approachable, charismatic event, or a clean, vector style look for a corporate presentation - the possibilities are virtually endless. Used in the right way, illustration can make an impact on the audience that will live long in the memory and distinguish creative from your competitors. Design and illustration go hand-in-hand, so having an agency that can fulfil both parts of the equation is a real bonus. Identity are proud to have a team with exceptional illustration skills, across a variety of mediums. No matter what your project calls for, we’re confident we can provide you with the right illustrative style for the context of your project or brand.